What happened to your favourite website, kisscartoon?

This popular website has become a way for the public to watch their favourite cartoons on the internet without any subscription fees. It also streams some very good quality videos that make the users happy.

This is the reason it has become popular in a very short span of time. But just like all other sites, this site also troubles the users sometimes as it went down most often. But two years ago this site was shut down forever which lead to big problems for the users.

In this article, we will tell you why this site was shut down forever. What happened to this site? What is the story behind the shutdown? Who is responsible for the shutdown? Is it back again? Will it come again? To know everything read the article below.

Why was the site shut down forever?

In the year 2017, this site was shut down forever. No one knew why it has stopped working. People thought it would come back after a while like it always does, but it did not.

Then the users took to social media to find the answers to their questions, to know why their favourite site is down for this long time. They started questioning on the social media and found that it will never come back again as the copyrights infringements act was passed against it. The site was caught by DMCA.

When the users get to know about it, they felt sad as there are no other good sites for them where they can watch without pop-ups and in good quality.

This site has a special place among as it always offered good quality videos and no pop-up ads disturb them while watching their favourite shows as the ads are redirected on the next tab.  This website had some issues, but due to its good quality videos and easy availability, it was prevalent among users.

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Then the quest for alternative sites has begun. A lot of websites begins to publish an article on alternative sites of KissCartoon. The internet was filled with their suggestion of alternative sites where they can watch their shows free and in good quality.

A lot of websites were launched taking the advantage to KissCartoon’s shut down, but every site had their own issues related to accessibility and website quality.

Soon after all this, an announcement was made in which it was stated that KimCartoon would take over KissCartoon and it will offer cartoons with some high-quality videos. Users are very happy that they watch their shows again without any hurdles.

But KimCartoon did not fulfill their expectations. But KimCartoon made its place on the public’s heart. Now it has become one of the top streaming sites offering a great variety of cartoon shows and Anime.

Just like KissCartoon, no one knows for how long KimCartoon will be working. These sites can be shut down anytime as now these sites are in 24 hours surveillance by the authorities.

But right now you can enjoy all the videos streaming on this site. If you need to explore some amazing alternative sites to the kisscartoon, then you can explore then here KissCartoon : Kiss Cartoon Alternatives You Should Know in 2019 you will get all the possible information you need.

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