What happened to watchcartoononline?

Watch cartoon online site has been designed to host a large number of cartoon videos and animes. All these videos are transmitted on the website for free, and users could access them from any place of the world. In the legal world there is a term called copyright infringement, and that is a punishable offence. We will be providing you with the idea of copyright and further explain here what happened to Watchcartoononline.

What is a copyright and what contents are subject to have copyrights?

In the creative world, there is a reward of creation. It is a natural right of the creators to have control of their creations to be publicly distributed or published. So when the inventor or creator of any content wants to give away his copyright, then only the material can be displayed.

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However, in many cases, this is connected with remuneration to the author and to get permission to transmit or air the content the compensation is to be paid. However, we have already told this is a very subjective term, and different country has different laws in it.

In the Media world the everyday items that you will find to have copyrights to its owner are online videos, tv shows or movies as well as any sound recording or compositions of music. However, other contents are subject to copyright, and that can be found through Wikipedia.

What is DMCA Copyright Law?

DMCA or Digital Media Copyright Act is an act of the USA for copyright infringement. Under it, digital contents that are violating this act has to be taken down from the internet subject to receipt of a notice from DMCA. All websites like Google, YouTube and others are bound to abide by any warnings issued by DMCA. Other information regarding the DMCA act can be gathered from the DMCA official website.

WatchCartoonOnline story

We have already specified that Watchcartoononline have been uploading the video contents in their site of a large number and those contents are aired without the proper permissions from its original owner of the copyright. As a result since the years 2015, they started receiving the copyright infringement notices.

If you read Google Transparency report, you will know that they have been receiving the request from the owners of authors now and then to take down from their search of the sites that are violating the copyright law.

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At the initial stage they managed the notices by changing the domain names. But finally, it has been taken down from Google and other searches. But with a changed domain name the site is still existing. Only it is not performing as earlier.

All this information is readily available from Google’s report.


DMCA is an act that is applicable inside the USA and watch cartoon online have to face these issues. However, there are many other service provider sites available that you can use as an alternative and get the complete facility of watching cartoons. Explore here Watchcartoononline : Watch Cartoon Online Alternatives.

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