VLC Media Player Or KM Player: Which Is The Best Media Player?


There has always been a battle about the best free media player for Windows PC. VLC media player and KM player are two most prevalent media players among users but which one is the best above other still a question. To solve your problem here, I am going to provide you with a detailed description of their features so you can decide whichever is suitable for you.

Features of VLC media player Vs KM player

Video effects

Both VLC media player and KM player offers a vast variety of video effects but differently. On one side, VLC media player allows you to modify images, create an image by changing colours, great magnification features, cropping video and rotating videos, etc.

Whereas on another hand KM player allows you some other features other than these basic features like input/output colorspaces, resize, postprocessing, volume setting, luma/chroma offset and some other extraordinary features.

Audio effects

VLC media player offers significant sound effects such as equalizer, compressor, and spatializer, which give your audios an excellent touch. With the help of these features, you can provide your audios with a great sound.

It also has some advanced effects which can be selected by going on tools option and clicking on the preferences. You will get a collection of cool features under the advanced effects options.

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In KM player, all the primary effects, as well as advanced options, are available too. You can choose all the advanced effects by clicking on the freeverb menu under the preferences list.

Under the freeverb, you will get effects such as room size, damping, wet level, dry level, width, and mode, etc. With all these extraordinary effects you can give your audio an incredible effect.

Advanced effects

VLC media player offer some extraordinary effects for you videos such adjustment of images in which you can modify the look of the image like contrast, hue, brightness, etc. and it also offers you to take a screenshot of the image while playing the video.

A logo attachment option also gives advantages to the users by adding their logo on the video. Many more other options make it a user-friendly media player.

Now in KM player, the advanced options such as changing the skin colour of the characters or the things make this KM player the best among others.

There are a lot of other cool effects such as easy screen control option which allows you to quickly access the effects while playing the video by just clicking the left button of your mouse and a list will appear on the screen. Another great feature about KMplayer is you can get access to multiple videos at a time.


By comparing both VLC media player and KM player you can see how these two media players work. If you want advanced features, then KM player is best as it offers some infrequent effects, but if you want a good, quick and easy media player, then VLC media player will suit you the best.

Though both have different and outstanding performances, what features you want will decide which one is the best for you. So read all of the differences carefully then opt what suits best for your needs.

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