Ultimate Tips & Tricks To Become The Best Thief In Skyrim

skyrim game tips and tricks

Although it seems to be not a legitimate fact in the real world, thieving is in fact, a part of Skyrim’s

quests. If you’ve been playing Skyrim for quite a while now, you must be knowing that being a

thief sometimes, is one of the best ways of earning many expensive articles free of cost.

But you can’t afford to get caught while stealing, that’s why in this guide, we will be mentioning the ultimate thieving tips.

  1. Stealing in the shops

To be stealing items from a shop without getting caught is a difficult task. But only if you could prevent the owner to observe you, you could win the game.

Therefore, follow the steps mentioned below to blind the shopkeepers:

(i) Pick up a basket (present in almost every shop), and carefully put it over the shopkeeper’s head.

(ii) It will blind his vision, and you can pick up any object present in the shop.

(iii) You can also rob the merchants living there, and leave them with no clue.

  1. Pickpocketing

It can serve really helpful in stealing small items such as the keys to someone’s house, or merchants’ rare poisons and soul gems, and even for making some quick gold.

  • While viewing the articles that a person has with him, you can also point out your probability of stealing it successfully by looking at the percentage bar on the bottom-right side of your screen.
  • As your pickpocketing skills level up, the percentage level for every item will also go higher. To learn pickpocketing skills, go to the skills page in the game and browse pickpocketing. There are many skills included in pickpocketing, and special skills such as cutpurse will give you a 50% more chance to steal an item without leaving any clue.
  1. Sell your stolen items

It’s not advisable to go directly to the fence to sell the items stolen by you. Just go to the local town beggar, give him a gold coin. This will make you receive the Gift of Charity perk.

This secret hidden effect will boost your speech skills by almost 10 points for one whole hour.

This way, you can make more gold while fencing your stolen items.

The Thieves’ Guild in the city of Riften would tend to buy all the stolen goods that you’ve got, at reasonable prices.

If for any reason, you want to possess any stolen item, but don’t want to have the ‘stolen’ tag on it, you can sell it to the Thieves’ Guild and then buy it back again. In this way, your stolen items won’t lie at the risk of getting confiscated when you’re arrested for some reason.

  1. Secure your stolen items

If in any case, you get arrested or locked down by guards, you must secure your stolen items. To do this, just hide your items inside any barrel or container.

By stashing all your stolen items in such containers, you can keep them safe for many consecutive days. When you’re free to wander, you can restore all the items.

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