Top 5 Skills to Use in Runescape Game

skills to use in runescape

Here is a quick list of useful skills sets you can make use in your gameplay in Runescape game. Hope this list will help you selecting the best skill to learn and implement in your game play.

  1. Hunter

Hunter skill can be profitable, and it’s also useful when you reach the grim walls. But apart from that, it’s an extremely boring skill to train. It gets really annoying if your traps keep failing or breaking without any reason.

It’s awful to train as a hunter as only the discrete, one in ten would enjoy playing this role in the game. Even if you strive to get the highest level cape for being a hunter in the game, it will feel totally worthless to you.

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  1. Fletching

It’s a really interesting skill in my opinion and is profitable if you want to do it in the slow method, which is with magic shield bows. But it can also be very fast and very expensive if you’re doing it with broad arrows, dragon darts, ascension bolts and stuff like that.

There aren’t a lot of benefits to this skill, and the grind isn’t too bad as it’s semi-AFK able and it’s really efficient if you’re applying the fast & expensive method. After receiving the highest level cape for fletching, it won’t take you much time to realize its true worth (i.e. zero) in the game.

  1. Wood Cutting

It might be popular among the skill learners, but I personally don’t like it that much. It also doesn’t have many uses. But it’s a very capable skill if you’re doing crystal trees or choking ivy or even elder logs for little bit of profits.

Even though it’s profitable, the gains are the minimum and not too overwhelming GP per hour. Using certain methods after getting familiarized with the skill can uplift your performance in using it.

  1. Cooking

In several games like runescape, cooking is a quite easy to master at, and most of the time, it can earn you a cheap or very small profit to train. It’s also one of the most popular 99s to achieve first. It doesn’t really have significant use unless you’re an Iron-man and need it to cook your own food.

With higher levels of cooking skill, you have lesser chances of burning your food, and with a 99 cooking cape, there’s almost zero chance of your food getting burnt. But on a general stage, there’s no real use of this skill at all.

  1. Thieving

Except for the use in safecracking, it’s an absolutely horrible skill to learn and pursue in this game. But with safecracking, it’s pretty damn fast, profitable and semi-AFK able. At higher levels around 95, you can actually AFK this skill on the elves, which is really nice.

Without these facts, this skill hasn’t got any major uses but as an Iron-man it might be useful in getting some nice items and with a 99 thieving cape, your loot at the elves is actually noted. Using this you could also get some nice supplies.

At lower levels, you won’t realize the reason for which you’re learning this skill, but as you progress higher in the game, it will reward you with amazing pace in gathering additional resources for your quests.

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