Toon Blast Tips & Tricks to Complete Levels and Earn Rewards

toon blast tips and tricks

Toon Blast is a colorful puzzle game where so many amazing things are available in-game. Complete the levels and unlock new levels in Toon Blast, which is designed by Peak.

Currently, it is the most popular puzzle game where millions of players play on a daily basis. Both android and table devices support, and Playstore and Appstore are the two sources to install the game.

The graphics of the game are so amazing and attractive that it makes the players stick to the game. In order to complete the levels and earn lots of boost cards you have to play every level properly, and these tips are mentioned below –

Tips & tricks for Toon Blast

In order to complete any game and finish the levels, the major thing to do is learn about the ways and tricks that will help you to complete the levels more easier way.

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There are so many amazing things in-game that help the players, but the major thing is to use toon blast cheats and tricks, which is the best way to complete it. Now read the ways to understand the game and complete the levels properly –

Don’t use boosters easily

Boosters are the only key in-game that can save the players from the tough levels, and if you use it on the easier levels, then it will be your worst time.

There are so many types of boosters are available in-game, and every booster has a different function to do, so remember that you do need to use the boosters until the very end moment of the game.

Every booster is hard to get, and using them at any easy level can make problems players who play it.

Make combo combinations

While playing the levels, the main thing to remember is that it always combines the bricks in combos because this is how they provide great rewards and points.

Making combinations in combos can also give you the booster cards as well, which is a great thing for every player. So adapt this process and enhance your skills to complete the levels s in a very proper way.

Join teams

It’s a great feature of a game where you can join a team and interact with new players. Team players can be from anywhere, they can be from be outer country, friends, or any other player, but in the team, you can talk with each other without any issues.

There is one more benefit of teams available in-game, which is that you can take or givers lives that support in the match. This feature of joining tea is one of the greatest features of the game, and the majority of players love it.

Save lives

Lives are the one important thing in-game that can allow you to have a second chance when you lose the match once. Players can play without the boosters but cannot play without the lives, which are the most important part if the game.

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