Summoners Wars Monsters Guide

monsters guide

Summoner Wars is an engrossing game, and you will have with tons of monsters in the gameplay. It can be difficult for beginners, particularly to select from so many different options.

You need to decide from the start on which monsters you will spend your runes. Learning some basic principles and understanding what to aim for, you can get all the answers related to monsters in the Summoners War.  ⠀

Star Ratings

Similar to other RPG in the Summoners War every Monster is assigned an individual class of element. Elemental preference is attained in the battles through the higher class monster. But the most determining factor of any monster is its star rating.

Summoners war monsters are classified into a single star to six starred. Six starred monsters are the rarest category and toughest to attain.

In the game, you will get the single star monsters very often through summoning with unknown scrolls. These one-star monsters can be fodder for leveling up of other higher monsters. You cannot win battles with these single star monsters.

Leveling up monsters

The leveling up of Monster is also an essential aspect in Summoners star.  The maximum level every Monster can be upgraded also depends on the star rating of monsters. The more the star rating, the maximum level is higher accordingly.

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  • One star monsters can be upgraded up to Level 15
  • Two-star monsters can be upgraded up to Level 20
  • Three-star monsters can be upgraded up to Level 25
  • Four-star monsters can be upgraded up to Level 30
  • Five-star monsters can be upgraded up to Level 35
  • Six-star monsters can be upgraded up to Level 40

The maximum level in the game can be achieved by six-star monsters, and any gamer’s objective ultimately stands up to attain those highest leveled monsters.

It requires a lot of gameplay to achieve that. Apart from leveling up, you need to upgrade the runes to the maximum level.

How do you get higher level monsters?

In summoning Monster, you can have new monsters in various summoners war free credits hack. However, most of these end up to getting up to three-star monsters. When you want to acquire 4-5 star monsters, you have to take a specific route. Following are the best way to get them:

Summoning Scrolls

Summoning through mystical scroll can grant you enhanced chances of getting a 3-star monster. In the beginning, you have to rely on three-star monsters until you reach the dungeons level battle. In Curios Dungeon you can get a higher-level monster.

Winning story mode

Scenario quests and dungeons are an excellent place where you can acquire monsters. Here you can see the Monster you will get. Every scenario level hell mode gives you the possibility to win one monster.

Guild Store.

Becoming a member of the guild, you can exchange medals in the guild store and collect monster shards. When you complete the complete collection of the monster shards, you get the Monster.


Evolving the Monster creates a higher-level monster. When any Monster is in the highest level; of itself, it is eligible to Evolve. However, you will require a significant quantity of fodder monsters to reach to next level.

For beginners, this guide can introduce them with a fundamental understanding if monsters in Summoners war. However, if you want to know all about the monsters play the game as much as you can.

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