Marvel COC Level Up Guide

marvel coc level up guide

The new Marvel Contest of Champions has approximately 150 Summoning characters, and each one is up gradable. This system of leveling and upgrading involves a very intricate process which can be challenging when you are a beginner in the game. This guide is made to give you the most straightforward solution of powering up the heroes.

Difference between Levels, Tiers and Ranks


The XP points determine levels of your hero. Each time you need to increase the hero level, you can do it through spending Iso-8 & gold.

With every upgrade of Level, your hero stats are also changed. There is a maximum level until which you can upgrade, and after that, you have to increase their Rank. As you increase their Rank, you can increase the Levels further.


When your hero reaches the maximum Level, you can upgrade their Rank, and he moves to the next Rank. Ranking of the heroes is also increased through catalyst and gold. Every increase in Rank requires catalyst also.

Every Rank has different levels, and as you increase Rank, your up gradation capability rises. Which means you need to raise more Level to reach the maximum Level of that Rank.

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You need a “catalyst” for this upgrading process. Such resources can be obtained from the events in the game. For every hero class, a specific catalyst type is needed. You also have to spend gold on this, but the value is much higher.


While Rank and levels are intertwined in between, Tier is an utterly separate grading. Every hero can be upgraded to its maximum Level and Rank, but its Tier doesn’t get changed. Tiers are denoted by the number of stars in the game, and it is not replaceable.

When you start the game, you will get lower-tier heroes, but you need rare or legendary heroes at the later stage of the game.

It is a bit of general advice to concentrate on leveling up of the best heroes you have. By best hero, we mean the maximum tier heroes since it is a waste to level up a lower tier hero.

But when you are at the beginning getting these 4-5 star heroes are difficult. At that time, you must load all your resources to the 3-star heroes; once you get a higher tier hero switch to it.

A few pro tips to follow:

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Don’t waste units on high-quality crystals. You can open hundreds of shards if you use the shard system. Save your units for control centers, recharges of energy and special offers.

You must Join an alliance but make sure that it is an active one. It helps you to play Alliance quests and alliance war. These are a gold mine for leveling up materials and glory. Through the alliance war, you can collect shards.

Do not rank up champions of a similar class. You must select a variety in Class so that you get an advantage in battles.

Event Quests are also a den of ranking up materials, and you can get them quickly as you play. Monthly events open up unknown dungeons and quests that give excellent rewards.

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