Love Nikki Dress Up Queen Cheats For Free Coins Legally

love nikki dress up queeen cheats

Love nikki dress up queen

Love Nikki is a dress-up game on a storyline basis by the developer of the game Elex. The world of Nikki, the protagonist of the story, will take you to places around the world by following their fashion trends, decorate the doll houses and a vast collection of new dresses to make your wardrobe filled with all the latest collections and designs.

love nikki hack tool

There comes the necessity of the game currency which you wont get easily by just playing the game you need to use some well researched techniques  so here are our Love Nikki Cheats regarding that.

Love Nikki Unlimited Coins Generator – Don’t Use That!!

We must remind you that getting unlimited coins in Love Nikki has no alternative process than to purchase from the developers. These coin generator sites that you find every day through internet searches make full of promises but never come up with them.

Think once before going to their site, whether any game server can be hacked by simple cheats that are known by thousands. These games are secured through multiple layer security and cannot be hacked.

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Further, if anyone could penetrate the game server whether it will give away all in charity? After all, these are the developer’s money and need to be paid to them.

Love Nikki Cheats And Hacks For a Better Gameplay

1. Track you Outfits on Nikki Guide App or Info Site

The game offers you a chance to own thousands of outfits but to earn more coins and diamonds, you have to understand which suits best for which occasion.

  • To know what will be the right outfit for your character at a specific level, here you have a Nikki Guide App and Nikki Info Site.
  • You can choose the app or the website to track the best possible outfit for your character.

2. Share Your Updates on Facebook

You can save your game by linking it on Facebook. In this way, you will not lose any of your game’s date if your device gets restored. You can also share your updates like a new outfit, rewards or anything on Facebook. But the love Nikki hack is posting on Facebook will get you some diamonds and Stamina.

  • Sharing three times a day on your Facebook account is also a part of your daily tasks. So it’s better to share them to get some rewards.
  • This task also has a benefit like you can earn even without posting actually on your account. If you don’t want to post on your account, then you can back out from sharing the post, and the game will be considered as a shared post. In this way, you will get the point without even posting actually.

3. Do Not Spend Your Association Coins and Star Coins on Unnecessary Items

These association coins are hard-to-earn points in Love Nikki. It’s best to save your points for more precious things like buying dyes and fabrics for your outfits from the store.

  • The game offers you a chance to dye your fabric and customise your outfit in a fun way. But to buy these items for your outfit, you have to buy them from the store which costs a good number of associations points. So better save them for this purpose.
  • It will cost you 8-star coins for the dyes and 20-star coins for buying fabric from the store.
  • To buy from the association store, you will need ten association coins for dyes and 24 association coins for the fabric.
  • The items in the association store are more costly, but the star coins are harder to earn. Our love Nikki hack is to save the star coins at any time.
  • Star coins will be required for buying recipes of crafting for your outfits, which costs even more than these dyes and fabric. So better save your star coins for higher expenses.

4. Claim Your Rewards by Clicking On the Gift Box

Usually, users don’t know about the rewards waiting for them in the gift box. While you vote for the outfits, awards kept on adding in the gift box. You can claim them by tapping on the gift box once you are done with voting. You can also pick them after each voting. Love Nikki dress up queen cheats is you should not collect these gift box immediately. Save them for the moment you require.

5. Get the S rating by following Momo

Momo is your styling guide in Love Nikki: Dress up Queen. To achieve success in the game, you have to follow Momo’s instructions. Her dressing sense may not match with your knowledge, or it will not look as you want your character to be, but the love Nikki hack is she is a pretty reliable source for earning better points. Her fantastic dressing skills will help you get an S rating in the maiden chapter.

  • After clearing the Maiden chapter, you can apply the same outfit in the Princess Chapter by clicking the memory icon to get the S rating again.
  • However, she is good at styling but has not much knowledge about your opponent’s strengths and skills.

6. Get Rid Of Duplicate Outfits

As there are hundreds of thousands of outfits in the game, you will receive various outfits each day that will increase the chances of more duplicate outfits. The best love Nikki dress up queen hack to get rid of the outfits is through using the decompose option.

  • You will find a decompose button in the game, where you can select all of them and receive crafting items like coins, diamonds, and some rare items for your recipes in return.
  • You can fill the casket in the game and earn some exclusive item for your outfits.
  • Once you click the decompose button, the duplicate items will get selected automatically. There are some duplicate items also which will remain unselected, and you have to select them up as well because they are the most important ones.

7. Craft Wisely Before Completing Chapters

You have to play wisely before finishing your chapters in Love Nikki. As you know that crafting requires the right amount of items and coins, so you have to be cautious while crafting.

  • Crafting involves the right amount of association of coins and star coins, which are the hardest to be earned in the game.
  • Love Nikki cheats, in this case, is to start crafting after you finish all your chapters as you will need coins and items in the chapters as well.

8. Choose Opponents Who Are Weaker Than You

Love Nikki dress up queen gives you a chance to choose your opponents. Always choose an opponent who is weaker than you.

  • Momo will also guide you about the strengths of characters, but you have to be careful while listening to her as she might get wrong about all this.
  • Love Nikki cheats that we can suggest, your opponent should be at least 20000 points lower than you. Till then, keep scrolling the list.
  • If you pick a strong opponent, you will tend to lose the chances of winning items and coins.

9. Earn VIP Points

This game is entirely free for playing, but if you want to reach higher levels of the game quickly, then you can also opt for spending some real money.

  • By spending real money, you can earn great benefits like a diamond, coins, star coins, new outfits, and many more items.
  • When you earn more coins, you will get the chance to unlock more VIP level of the game, which in turn give you more outfits, Stamina, and discounts in the association stores, etc.

10. Receive Stamina from Friends

There are much love Nikki cheats of receiving Stamina in the game, and one of them is receiving through friends. Your friends can send you two stamina per day. If all your friends send you Stamina, you will get to earn 50 Stamina daily.

  • This daily amount of Stamina can help you to earn a total of thousands of Stamina at the end of the level.
  • Adding friends have a lot of benefits as you can also receive bonus points or new outfits from your friends.

11. Claim Free Stamina Daily

You can also claim your free Stamina in the game daily. We have love Nikki cheats regarding this. The best time to receive Stamina is between 12-2 pm and between 7- 9 pm. You can get a minimum of 30 bits of Stamina per day at these hours from the server. However, this may vary on a different player.

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Tips, Tricks and Cheats to Get More Rewards via Daily Logins Tasks

There are many daily tasks in the game which you have to complete to get an ample amount of rewards. With each day’s login, an item will be dropped in your account. These daily love Nikki hack take only a little time of your day like 5-15 minutes.

  • To collect your daily login rewards, tap on the heart icon and your item will be added straight to your account.
  • Now you have to move towards the Stylist’s Arena where you have to compete for a minimum of 5 times. The number of your winnings will add the respective amounts in your account.
  • After competing in Stylist’s Arena, the next step should be judging the competition. Here you have to take around 30 rounds to collect some bonus and incentives. Even you can compete in the tournaments, if you have the right costumes and accessories, take part in the competitions and earn rewards.
  • Check whether you have received any system mail as the rewards and Stamina from friends will be directly sent to your mailbox.
  • You will receive one ticket daily from the Mystery house and two from the Pavilion of Mystery at every 24 hours. Other than that, you will also get one ticket from the Corridor of Clock and Porch of Misty every 48 hours.
  • Your next step should be completing your life bits in your home. If you have already joined a community, you can go to another’s house and finish their life bits. You can wander over five houses to earn enough coins.
  • Once you collect the above tasks, you have to move to the quests to receive your diamonds and coins. All the Love Nikki cheats as mentioned earlier can make you earn up to 53 diamonds a day.

Do You Want Love Nikki Hack APK? Try to Avoid it.

When you play an online game, all your data are secured in the game server, which synchronizes every moment you are online. The love Nikki hack apk files also get synchronised and any changes you make in the love Nikki mod apk also gets detected by the developers.

Many people have lost a game account using these mod files. I believe you will not go for these dangerous paths.

Final Words

Finally, we will wrap up with the words that Love Nikki is a game that requires your inherent zeal as a designer. It fulfills your aspire of becoming a stylist and dress designer.

Our love Nikki cheats are designed in a way that you will smoothly be able to be in the game, but tour talent is the only key to success.

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