Fantastic Facts Related to Creative Destruction Game

creative destruction

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a brand new sandbox survival game comes up with 3D function, system, and facts. Well, the game is introduced for both iOS as well as Android platforms.

The game is simple to understand as every player needs to face different enemies, need to survive till the end by killing all players. Lots of exciting tasks, missions, rewards, challenges, game modes are added, which makes the game fabulous as compared to other Battle Royale Games.

There is no need to pay any charge for downloading or running the game, but some of the in-game features are purchasable. A group of hundred players is transported in a plane or in other transportation’s modes over a particular island.

They need to use a parachute for choosing a landing spot.

3D buildings and homes are available in the missions, in which gamers can find weapons, armors and needy stuff. The area for survival is called a safe zone because going out from it automatically decreases the health.

Here we are going to mention other fantastic facts about Creative Destruction that you need to know. Playing attention to forthcoming content allows you to enjoy the game more as well as explore endless entertainment.

Modes of Creative Destruction Game

As we mentioned above, different game modes are added in Creative Destruction from which players can choose a suitable one. Some of the game modes are listed below-

  • Kill The Captain

In this mode, all gamers are divided into two major groups, namely- red and blue. Gamers aim to kill the captain of groups in this unique mode. Random players are selected as captain, so don’t panic who you want to die.

kill the captain

It is an extra mode added in Creative Destruction game which you cannot find in other Battle Royale games.

  • Classic

It is considered a routine game mode in which users need to face different challenges. In this mode, users are able to play solo, dual, or with a group of five people.

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Selecting group mode allows you to win the level quickly besides get survive advantage. Completing each task also offers several kinds of rewards, in-game currencies to gamers.


For killing the enemies, you can find many powerful weapons in Creative Destruction game. As per rarity, several colors are categorized to weapons. High rarity weapons are more potent as compared to low rarity ones.

creative destruction

Try to find the best weapons which contain long-distance shooting functions also significant scope. Creative Destruction weapon names are mentioned below-

  • Pistols
  • Shotguns
  • Submachine guns
  • Rifles
  • Snipers
  • Throwables
  • Special weapons

In-Game Currencies

For purchasing every game item beside for performing every task smoothly, players need to collect in-game currencies. Maintaining each currency allows them to progress faster as well as play smoothly without getting stressed. Or you can also take help from creative destruction hack and cheats which actually increases the in game currency of your game.

Well, there are three kinds of currencies used in Creative Destruction game, namely- gold coins, star coins, and diamonds. Earning currencies is not an easy task as players need to complete different missions and need to put more efforts on tasks.

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