Age Of Empires II Tips & Tricks To Boost Your Performance


The old-school strategy games collection can’t be finished without adding Age of Empires II to the list. The famous RTS (real-time strategy) game has been famous for its convenient and interesting gameplay.

But do you find earning enough coins and resources in Age of Empires II difficult, or do you struggle with attacking or defending with your troops?

In that case, we’ve got your back! We have pointed out some effective and well-researched tricks to severely uplift your performance in Age of Empires II.

  1. The ‘Arena Flush’

We can loot some other player’s territory by 2 methods: (i) Direct attack and (ii) Indirect Attack (here, the arena flush).

(i) Attacking on someone’s province through the frontline can be risky, as there is no certain probability of your team winning. You may in return lose thousands of troops, and not get any significant supplies from the attack.

(ii) Attacking through the indirect way can make it harder for the opponent to detect the presence of your troops in his territory, for a much longer time. You can build a tower on the corner of the opponent’s territory wall, to get indirect access. You can send only 2 of your troops at a time, but that’s much better than the time-consuming process of breaking the walls all by yourself. Then you need to kill all the villagers present there, and thus you get huge amounts of loot without actually ‘attacking’.

  1. Manage the right defence tactics

If at some point in time, you don’t have any troops left to guard your territory, there’s no need to rush and quit the battle. In fact, it’s the perfect time to put a Mangonel or Onegar into use. These two similarly categorised catapults can prove to cause huge damage to the enemies during the last stages of a battle. Only one or two shots of these can blow out a complete array of troops.

  1. Build forward bases

You can kill enemy villagers using your troops and build your base outside of theirs. There’s a certain line of safety in every province, and you won’t get caught if you build the base far outside its boundary. This would greatly help in scouting in the opponent’s territory and keeping a regular check on his resources. Also during a battle, such bases can be utilized to weaken the opponent’s side.

  1. Gold from relics

When the monks drop off their relics during their prayer, you automatically gain a bunch of gold coins. For a closer look, keep watching the monks gather near the temple.

  1. Use the ‘Pause’ button

If you feel that you need extra time to decide your attacks, and don’t have it, you can simply press the F3 button on your keyboard and pause the game for as long as you want. Meanwhile, you can assign your troops all the desired attacks and then press F3 again to resume the fight.

Apart from all such nifty tricks and hacks to earn additional coins in Age of Empire II, you also need to devote excess time and effort to it. The game casts an amazing set of events, and once you start playing it, I’m sure that you’ll be totally engrossed into it, till the very end.

Moreover, there are a lot of new games available now that could let you experience the same era, the same adventure and even the same feeling like the Age of Empires used to give us in our childhood.

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