A Comprehensive Review Of Overwatch’s Exciting Features

overwatch game

Overwatch has been one of the top-ranked multiplayer shooter games for more than 2 years now. And I believe that it deserves every bit of the right to hold that position.

That’s why we are going to present an in-depth review of Overwatch’s mind-blowing features in this article, and it should help you to decide whether or not, it’s a good match for you.

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Overwatch Gameplay –

Overwatch is a completely new Blizzard Entertainment production in 17-years.

It is a 6v6 FPS (first-person shooter) arena composite game with a really fun and cartoony design and landscapes.

Many people suggest it has been a successor to Team Fortress 2.

In simple language, Overwatch can be described in 3 words: fun, chaotic and polished. It matches 6v6 gameplay based on 21 different characters to choose from, 12 different maps and a bunch of modes.

All the maps are tied to specific game modes and are built and designed on the basis of being able to host such modes. This makes the gameplay more cohesive and smooth.

Rewards system –

The most exciting feature of Overwatch, especially for the newbies, is that there’s no system of leveling up. You can simply keep playing and getting rewarded for matches forever.

Like most of the games like overwatch, You’ll be rewarded with experience points after every match, and when you meet certain milestones, you’ll get loot boxes with items such as skins, voices, sprays, icons.

All the rewards are surface level and not very ground changing, but they may still be motivating for many players. For example, you may be interested in getting your favourite skin in the game, and that may require hundreds of matches to be played by you.

The loot boxes can also be paid for and be bought with real money, but it can be ignored by the beginners.

Advanced tips for players –

As Overwatch is just a fast and chaotic free-to-play game, it works the best when everybody knows about their roles in a match, about how to play their character along with other players.

It can also be regarded as the best suit for newbies who just want to hop into a FPS game and blow some heads off. Not only with the weapons, but every character has its own ability to navigate all around the map.

And because of a perfect designing of the maps, they have positions for every kind of players such as snipers and turret-lovers.

Each map is based on an exotic location with its own vibes and characteristic music to it. Playing, grinding, enjoying and discovering all the little intricacies of each character really gives the game a depth that it surely needs.

Overwatch looks feels and runs smoothly at both console and Windows. But playing with a controller on the console may seem to be quite hectic for some kind of players. Windows PC is the best platform to be experiencing the truest delights of the game, but with good specifications only.

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